photo sharing Photo and video sharing

Within each group, TudZu allows you to share multimedia contents organized by album. An album my contain files of different types, such as audio records, videos an digital photos.

Album creation

A user may provide one or several albums in each one of his groups. During the album creation process, files are simply referenced on TudZu server and for digital photos specific case, only miniatures are transferred. That's why, album creation is that fast.

An album is made of files and folders. If the user turns on the automatic synchronization for this album, TudZu verifies daily if new photos (or videos) have been added locally in those folders or if existing files have been modified. This way, and by default, all album subscribers will automatically get updates on their own machines.

Visualizing albums and subscriptions

With the TudZu software installed on their machines, users visualize albums provided by others menbers of the group. For photos, thumbnails are displayed to give an overview of the album content.
To receive an album content on their own machine, the user need to subscribe. to the album . TudZu launches the download operation as soon as the receiver (subscriber's machine) and a potential provider are online at the same time (provider is the original source machine or any machine hosting part of album files).
A notification email is sent as soon as the whole album is received. Moreover, and only if he wants to, a subscriber activates the automatic recovery of updates.


Management of access rights

By default, anyone in the group can visualize and subscribe to an album. However, the album owner keeps the ability to configure specific rights to limit this access to few people in the groups.

Collaborative album

Contrary to standard album, all authorized group members, who have subscribed, are granted to enrich a group album content by adding their own multimedia files. That way, each one gets other member files on his machine. Album creator is the only one allowed to modify albums characteristics and especially, the access rights.

Share your picasa* albums

For Picasa users who hesitate to upload their albums online, TudZu allows you to securely share those photos with your friends. All the new added photos or the modified ones are detected and automatically sent to the authorized people in your groups. (watch the video) (View the tutorial)
(* NB: Picasa is a registered Trademark of google inc)

backup photos and vidéos  Photo and video Backup

Backups allow to protect your photos and videos by making a copy on remote storage spaces. The storage space is chosen among online machines from the group at the job start.

If the backed up machine is disconnected during the job, operation is paused and replayed as soon as the machine comes back to the network. If it is the machine hosting the remote storage space which appears unavailable during the backup (disconnected, out of storage space), the job is restart with a new partner providing a valid storage space, at the point it was when the backup was interrupted.


What is backed up?

Each user specifies on his machine files he wants to protect, but only multimedia contents (audio records, videos and digital photos). They are automatically and periodically backed up. Only modifications brought to the backup environment between two jobs are treated and an index of different file versions is maintained.

Storage of file copies

Copies of your files are transferred to machines owned by other group members into storage spaces created for that purpose. The content of those copies is fully encrypted, even before the network transfer occurs, using an encryption key located on your machine (we are not talking about network encryption itself). That way, storage spaces contain data blocks which are absolutely unreadable and your partners can not see file content neither file names.


Recovery of lost files (restoration)

Tudzu retrieves one of the copy available among online machines. Like backups, a restoration job can be interrupted, it restarts automatically when conditions are favorable again without requiring your intervention. You got a restoration report when the job is completed. Files are recovered at their original place.


secure and confidentSecurity

TudZu organizes collaboration of group member machines within a private group. All the network exchanges are secured including file transfer. At the same time, each machine is authenticated thanks to a TudZu identity which has been attributed at the time of the software installation

Protection des échanges réseau (SSL)

All network transfers between two machine are encrypted with best professional algorithms. This includes any request to TudZu servers and files transfer between two different user machines. Each remote connection is beforehand secured and authenticated with SSL (protocol and tools used for online banking operations).


Protecting my machine

All machines recognized by TudZu have a personal digital certificate, therefore remote machines are authenticated and only machines of my group are authorized to submit connection requests.

Identifying users

Access to the local graphical interface and your TudZu web account is protected by a personal login / password information.

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