TudZu is based on an innovative proprietary technology coming from several years of experience in professional backup software. TudZu provides to his end users features worthy of the professional world.

Software architecture

TudZu software architecture offers a high flexibility regarding group and machine management. That way, a user may be member of multiple groups while he can own several registered machines. He is able to share or to protect different multimedia contents within many groups.


Security is TudZu team number one objective. Our security system is built on best standard use (SSL) and it offers a level of hardiness equivalent to best online banking.

  • Data encryption and network transfers with 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)

  • Machine authentication to certify that data is not sent to fake machines

  • You are the only one to recover your files thanks to an encryption key assigned to your registered machine during the installation process.

  • For the backup service, and on the remote storage nodes, other group members can not read your file copy content, neither file names or even guess protected folder structure.

  • Your group is not visible to others. Only invited people are allowed to register in the group.

  • Only shared files are visible to people you have authorized.


To make more efficient album sharing and multimedia content protection TudZu team has developed powerful and innovative technologies.

  • Incremental backup: Only new files and modified files are backed up from a job to the next one.

  • File deduplication: If you have a multiple instance of the same file on your machine, TudZu detects it and it will back up only one instance. Even those files have been renamed (not the same name). More than that, TudZu provides the list of duplicate files on your machine.

  • Network transfer recovery: In case the network is disconnected, TudZu restarts the transfer at the point of failure. So, any data transfer done before the interruption is not replayed. On top of that, and for big files transfer, TudZu uses an embedded block mode technology to transfer only remaining data blocks. Then, a file can be sent in several sequences.

  • Enhance file transfers: Album content is retrieved from the original machine but also from subscriber's machines. The availability of those multiple sources facilitates and speeds up the file transfer to each subscriber's machine. In case, data source is not the original machine, TudZu verifies that files have not been altered.


  • Interruption management: TudZu handles immediate job interruptions, so you're free to turn off your machine anytime. TudZu memorizes in real time operations progress. As soon as you turn your machine on, TudZu restarts at the point of failure without replaying what have been done before.

  • Detection of album modification: Tudzu automatically detects modifications occurring within folders or files specified in your albums. If you have added or modified a file, TudZu schedules then applies changes to the machine of this album's subscribers.

  • Photos/videos detection wizard: To help you in configuring your backup environment, TudZu provides an embedded tool to automatically identify folders concentrating your multimedia contents on your internal or external disks. Of course, you are still able to manually specify files or folder to protect.

  • Automatic software upgrade: Tudzu automatically applies online software upgrades by installing newer versions. You get latest features and bug fixes without any intervention. Moreover, this automatic update is secured with a package content verification.

Management of storage nodes

TudZu relies on a collaborative approach of storage space mutualization. Each user makes some disk space available for other member backups. On principle, TudZu does not impose any rule and let users to freely decide amount of resources they want to provide to others group members.

  • Storage space capacity you define is unlimited.

  • Storage space capacity may be enlarged or reduced while needed.

  • Many storage space can be created on the same machine to be spread on different physical devices.(internal disks and/or removable devices).

Copy + versionning

Thanks to its smart choice of storage spaces within group member machines, Tudzu is able to handle multiple copies of the same file to several nodes. More copies you have, smaller is the risk to definitely loose your files. Moreover, the recovery process is all the more fast since available sources are many. If a file is modified, TudZu backup service keeps several versions of this file to be restored on demand.