Tudzu is a service to share and backup your photos and videos within private groups.


Private network to share and backup

The model

A private network bringing together your close, friends or parents, is a safe way to protect your photos and videos. By involving your family members or your friends, you protect efficiently all your digital heritage; But more than that, by including people of your close circle (parents, grand-parents,...), you urge them to protect their own photos, videos and others irreplaceable memories. You initiate a virtuous circle where everyone helps the other one to better guarantee durability of the common heritage.

Sharing photos and videos within a private network is the easiest and the safest way to distribute your memories and best moments. This distribution is done within your private group(s) where you are stakeholder. Confidentiality is made sure by a powerful set of fully integrated security middlewares.


Contrary to classical sharing websites, TudZu is not aware of photo content and do not claim any right analysis or copy right on your photos and videos. These multimedia contents are directly transferred from your machine to the machines of others group members.

Organization in private and public groups

To organize your network, TudZu allows you to create and/or participate to private and public groups. To be granted a private group access, you beforehand should be invited. The access to those private groups is restricted and protected. Each group is managed by an administrator who is, by default, the group's creator.

Public groups are accessible without authorization for a larger audience. Trusted private groups are not visible by other users. You can create or be registered in several groups. A group can contain an unlimited number of users.

Working principle



Software use

To use TudZu, you must create an account on this website. You use this online account to update your profile, to proceed with configurations of offered services and to consult occurred events in your groups. Then, you download and you install a software on your machine to register it. With this software, you set up your backups and shared albums.

Automatic working

Backups (and backup copies) are automatically sent to online machine of other group members. If running operations are cut off for any reason (the machine is turned off, the network is disconnected,...), they are automatically rescheduled and they will be restarted as soon as possible.

The backup service regularly proceed with the analysis of folders or files included in your backup environment. TudZu detects additions or modifications happened between two backup jobs for a greater efficiency (incremental backup and mode bloc). Your backups are immediately externalized (saved off-site) which guarantee you a full protection against loss, theft or fire.


Shared albums are transferred automatically and directly from the source machine to other persons of the group. They are never sent to TudZu's servers (excepted miniatures for photos), neither consulted nor analyzed by us.

You keep the
entire control of your files and exchanges in the limit of authorizations you set for your group partners. On top of that, file format and quality are maintained ensuring data are sent in their orginal format.

Security at a professional level (SSL)

All the network connections are secured with the best encryption tools. Each registered machine has a digital certificate to be identified and authenticated (to validate its identity on the network). All those things guarantee the confidentiality of network exchanges from your machine to TudZu's servers or to any machine of your group.

Moreover, backed up files are encrypted before network transfers with a personal encryption key. So, stocked copies on remote machines are absolutely unreadable ensuring the confidentiality of your file contents. Your friends can not read those copies, neither see file names or identify the file-system structure of your machine.

Without volume limitation

Contrary to traditional backup software, TudZu is free and unlimited in terms of volume. The more you are in the group, smoother are exchanges and bigger is the available storage space.

You can share as many albums (photos and videos) as you want without any limitation of file size, global size or file number. Notice that TudZu owns a proprietary 'block mode' technology to transfer big files in several sequences (not all the file transfer is replayed).