TudZu: How to backup and share your photos / videos with your friends.




Who we are ?

Tipi software has been created in 2009 by Michel COLZI et Nordine KHERIF, both specialized in professional backup. Michel worked as R&D Director for a backup software editor targetting SMB/SMI, while Nordine managed, for the same company, worldwide support/pres-sales team before to be named as VP Engineering.



Based on their experience in newtork data transfer and SMB backup needs, they decided to understand internet users needs. Indeed, internet growth and the more and more frequent use of digital devices has created photos/videos sharing needs with close without bringing any valuable solutions.

Moreover, the accumulation of data makes as an absolut  requirement to be protected against hardware failure, thiefs, natural disaster, .... .Only few people gets this real protection and less agree to spend money to protect and share their digital patrimony. On top of that, most of us are concerned by  his privacy.

  An approach

After several years of developement, TudZu has put in place a P2P architecture allowing to reduce working cost but still providing to end-users services adapted to their needs. "It was esential to provide to our users turnkey services, answering at the same time sharing and backup requirements at a price beating all the competition" stated Nordine Kherif.

Also, this solution had to exist through a secured environment and respecting users privacy. 


A solution


TudZu provides, on internet, a multimedia content management ( photos, vidéo, music). Those services, especially protection and sharing, target individuals got together in trusted groups on a colaborative model.

Backup service use an innovative technology of shared storage space through internet between machines of the same group. Copies are secured on this virtual network of distributed resources.

Sharing service provides easy and fast creation of albums. Group members consult others albums through miniatures and if they are interested they subscribe to the album to retreive photos directly on  their machines.

No data goes through TudZu servers. Information is encrypted on owner machine and sent directly to the recipient.


 TudZu est édité par la société Tipi Software SARL. Capital social: 8 000 euros, enregistrement au RCS Evry: 512 667 338 le 27 Mai 2009.
Siège social: 4 ter, rue royale 91330 Yerres France