TudZu Backup Service is the ideal profesionnal backup software for Small Office and Home Office.

Your are à Small Office or a Home Office. Your customers informations, your mail, quotes, bills are very important for you. But only 30% company like you have a real backup solution that prevents them from data lost. TudZu is the better solution to protect you from virus, human errors, hardware problems and natural events

Thank to the TudZu technology, you can now have the same protection than large company. Local backup and copy off-site is the only way to have a quick and efficient protection.

Backup to USB disk.

Backup to an another computer on your network.

Backup to an another computer at your home.

Backup of your mobile computer onto your company network.

For each configuration we have a solution.


TudZu USB backup

You have one computer. Back it up on a USB drive and get a copy at your home, on your personal computer.



TudZu internet backup

You have multiple computers at your office. Save them each other and get a copy at your home.

Each computer is backed up locally and a copy is externalised.


TudZu backup office to office

You have multiple sites or multiple offices.

Each computer is backed up locally and a copy is externalised on the other site.


Your benefit

No harware investment:


No technical knowledge required

We use free space available onto your computer to backup data that come from others computers.

TudZu works on your existing network and through internet without investing in other hardware.


Thank to our innovative technology,  TudZu works on your network out of the box.  TudZu has been designed to be used by non technical people. We can assist you find better solution according with your environement.

Because sending data over the internet require attention, data exchanges are secured by the high secured layer: SSL.

Make you life simple and win time



Automatic and periodic backup

Automatic recovery of lost connection. The backup restart automatically if you lost the connection or if you turn off your computer

At the end of the job you receive automatically a report.


For less than $200 choose the better insurance that refund you at 100 %
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