Why TudZu ?

Your digitals is more usefull if you are able to share them with your friends and relatives easily and securely. Moreover, you must backup your digitals but only an off-site service can provide an efficient protection. Tudzu answers your needs while respecting your privacy.


privacyYour privacy
Today when our privacy is a major concern, The TudZu team has set in place an architecture to preserve the privacy of its users. In no case, we are aware of information content you exchange. Files are sent directly from your machine to your partner's machine.

backupA real protection
Saving your priceless photos on removable storage is not a viable solution because it does not prevent lose in case of fire, storm or water-flood damages, A USB device does not offer more protection either, as it is the first item to be stolen during a burglary, so that your most precious memories will be lost for ever . Only a remote backup offers the utmost protection. So invite your backup partner and start now !

freeIt's free
The TudZu's strategy is to freely offer their services. Only a private network-oriented solution can provide this unlimited volume service, allowing you to keep your data secure while saving the usual monthly fees.

sharingKeep the control
With TudZu, you and your close friends have absolute control over your digital property by eliminating all the risks associated with sending your data through the internet. Only you decide who is granted access to or retrieval of your photos and videos within a group and the user's discretion.

protectTake care of your close
The digital property of your friends and/or relatives is also yours. Saving your photos with your family or friends is also a way to encourage them to protect their own data in return

confidenceIt's useful
How to know if my friends have updated their albums with new photos of the children How will they tell me about recent photos? Don't be bored again with all these questions using TudZu, insert your photos in albums and subscribed people automatically receive new files. As soon as the transfer is completed, subscribers are notified by email.

easyIt's easy
Sharing your photos/video can be a real challenge if emails become blocked and your computer skills are inadequate to configure a secured ftp server or a web site on your machine (by the way, we discourage this latest solution). With TudZu a few click of mouse are enough to send hundreds of photos or video.

friendsTo distinguish
With friends, family or professional partners you share content which is quite different. By creating distinct groups, you share the information you want with the right person.

automatedIt's automated
TudZu is fully automated and works hands off informing you about operation processing. Backing up your photos on CD/DVD does not fulfill all needs; It is time-consuming process which requires constant care. Moreover, these storage devices are liable to deteriorate. 

secureIt's secured
You protect and share your personnal data safely using a digital certificate. All the network activity is encrypted and machines are authenticated. 

picasa Share your picasa(tm) albums
You use Picasa to organize and edit your photos, but you want to share them without uploading them onto Picasa web album for security reasons. TudZu is the first solution to share your Picasa albums in real privacy.

upnpPlay pictures
Thanks to the built-in UpNP server, you can play movies or digital pictures on your compatible UpNP device (TV or pad).