Share your picasa album in confidence

Picasa web album is the photo sharing service from Google. Since it’s launched many years ago, more and more people use Picasa web album to share theirs photos with friend and family. However, they have to to upload them onto google servers. This method doesn't repect your privacy because your files can be analysed while they are offsite. TudZu help you to share your albums without uploading them and keeping all photos on your computer. This tutorial will help you to create a TudZu album from your picasa album.

Create your picasa album.

Before you begin, Picasa must be installed on your computer.
Once installed, start the picasa application.
Click on the "create new album" icon
A new windows appears and let you entering the name of the album
  share photo

Add photos in your picasa album.

To add photos in your album, browse in the list of detected photos and videos.
Right click on the photo, choose "Add to album" and then the name of the created album

View the album content.

Once you have entered all photos in your album, select the album to view its content. Close your picasa application to save your modifications   create album

Import your picasa album into a TudZu album.

Now you have to create a TudZu album from your picasa album.
Open your TudZu application and login, Go in "My albums" and choose "Import album".
  import picasaalbum

Detect picasa album from your TudZu application.

Select picasa in the drop down list and click on analyse
Your picasa album list is detected.
Choose the album you want to import and click on "import"
    add photos

Create your TudZu album.

Now the TudZu album creation dialog is open. It lets you add a comment.
  import pictures

Update your TudZu album.

Update your TudZu album as usual. This will allow TudZu to display thumbnails for others.
Click "Next" to finish the creation.
  photo sharing

Now your friends can subscribe to the album to receive your photos. On a regulary base, TudZu will detect all adds or modifications in your picasa album and will send photos to allowed subscribers

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